About disclaimers

The plans and outlook listed on the Company’s website (hereafter this HP) provide a forecast for future earnings.

Such descriptions are based on preliminary decisions and judgments of management made at the time of posting on this HP. Accordingly, these earning forecasts do not guarantee actual results. In addition, these earning forecasts do not guarantee that information will continue to be accurate or useful after release. Accordingly, when considering the Company’s earnings and corporate values, etc., please avoid relying on these earning forecasts alone for decision-making.

Actual earnings can vary greatly from these earning forecasts due to various factors, and it is possible that actual earnings may be worse than the forecasts.

While the following are some of the factors that may impact actual earnings, such factors are not limited to those noted below.

  1. Changes in the economic situations that may impact our business
  2. Harm to the Company’s infrastructure caused by disasters such as earthquakes, etc.
  3. The Company’ capabilities to successfully grow each business
  4. The Company’s ability to continually implement services and offer new products and to continually provide services and new products that will be accepted by consumers
  5. Revisions to various laws and the Company’s ability to respond to them
  6. Changes in circumstances around various future investments and business partnerships

Moreover, regardless of new information, future developments, or other results, we ask for your understanding that the Company is not obligated to always update or revise its future outlook.

This HP may not have all the information released by the Company. In addition, the Company may sometimes use expressions that differ from the information disclosed through other methods.

The Company pays careful attention to the details of the published information. However, please understand that the Company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the downloading of company data.

In addition, the purpose of this HP is not for soliciting investments. Decisions regarding investments should be made by the users themselves. In addition, please understand that the company bears no responsibility for the results of investments made.

When using this HP, please use it with an understanding of these caveats.