TCFD Approaches

JBR approved and signed on to the recommendations made by the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) and is striving to expand the disclosure of climate-related information.

GHG Emission

GHG emissions of JBR's whole supply chain are calculated as below based on the amount of gas, electricity, and others for fiscal 2020 & 2021.
We will continue our efforts to more precise calculations and reduce emissions, as well as by improving dispatch efficiency.

Amount of GHG Emission

Fiscal Year 2020
(ended Sep 2020)
CO₂ emission
Fiscal Year 2021
(ended Sep 2021)
CO₂ emission
Fiscal Year 2020(ended Sep 2020) Fiscal Year 2021(ended Sep 2021)
CO₂ emission(t-CO₂) 8,958 9,282

Target: JBR in unconsolidated basis

Calculated based on "Basic Guidelines for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Supply Chains" and "List of Calculation Methods and Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculation, Reporting, and Publication System" by Ministry of the Environment, Japan.


In order to realize a society Leaving No One Behind, based on our unchanging management philosophy "We help people in need", JBR is promoting "JBR's SDGs", which are modeled after the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at the United Nations Summit.


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Japan Best Rescue System Co., Ltd. has been working to build a business structure that can provide troubleshooting for daily life such as keys, plumbing, and window pane. As it is important for us to build partnerships in both sales and service provision, we have set "17. Partnerships for the goals" as our top goal.

Through the expansion of partnerships, we will promote regional revitalization, building of a new industrial base, and creation of workplaces and systems that allow employees to work in a healthy and diverse manner. Aiming to be a company that is trusted and chosen by our stakeholders and society, we will strive to continue and expand our business while responding to changes in the social environment.

Contributions to SDGs

Contributions to SDGs