To Shareholders and Investors


According to our management philosophy "We help people in need", JBR group provides solutions for emergencies to nationwide customers throughout Japan.

The customers can rely on us to provide solutions for variety problems you may face, e.g. repairing of broken windows or wet area, replacement of house key, and troubleshooting of PC.
Under the comprehensive business brand "Living Emergencies group", we expanded our business throughout Japan.

We have strength in providing One-stop services for daily troubles, secured by nationwide network of franchise partner and highly trained service staff ensured by our original training system.
Thanks to our customers and their reliance, our business is expanding smoothly.

The network of our franchise partner is taking full advantage of synergies in membership business, e.g. “Peaceful Home Support” for rent residents and “Student Life Emergency Call” which we provide through student cooperatives of universities.
More than just satisfying the customers, having leading companies as alliance partners for the membership business contributes to expand our business furthermore.

Our insurance business, household goods insurance for rent residents for example, is also expanding.

JBR will strengthen membership business and services for the windows, wet area, key and PC.
We will also increase the number of alliancing company and promote against general customers using various tools.

Our aim as a group is to be the one contributing society throughout the provision of "peace of mind" to people's life and solutions for their problems.

We would be glad to have your kind support.