To Shareholders and Investors

代表取締役 榊原 暢宏

The JBR Group’s mission is “helping those in trouble.” We provide services to solve problems in people’s lives throughout the country.

Our group provides services to solve problems in people’s lives. We fix broken windows, solve water-related problems, exchange keys, and fix PC problems. These are issues that people face in their day-to-day lives. Our group has made a nationwide business offering services for solving problems in people’s lives under a comprehensive brand “Living Emergencies Group.”

The group’s strength is its one-stop provision of services that assist people in overcoming troubles. Our on-site service staff, with their technical knowledge and customer service ensured by our training system, attest to the power of our nationwide network that has a wide outreach. The earnings of our group has steadily expanded as we gained our customers’ trust through these services.

The infrastructure of our affiliated stores, which quickly dispatches employees to solve various customer problems, is also demonstrated in such membership-based businesses as “Peaceful Home Support” for renters, and the “Student Life 110,” which we provide in partnership with student cooperatives at universities. These services have been appreciated by all the users, and these services contribute to the expansion of our alliances with leading companies.

In addition, in our small amount and short-term insurance business, we have steadily expanded business in household goods insurance for housing renters.

In the future, we will strengthen our membership businesses and services for keys, water, windows, and computers, provide outsourcing services to more companies through our affiliated store network, and use better means to acquire customers through the internet and others.

Our aim as a group is to continue contribution to society by giving more people a sense of security in their life and solve their problems as we seek to gain customer appreciation.

Thank you for your continuous support.